About No Learning Limits

Janice and Ted's Approach to Teaching Assistive Technology

Our methods incorporate the participatory action research model to help people who use assistive technology access, use, and understand digital information.

We have developed unique methods to help people become better learners using assistive technology. These methods derive from personal experiences; research in accessibility, usability and learnability; and applying this knowledge through the development and evaluation of curriculum in computer technology/ navigation, reading fluency, and writing composition.

We also work with schools, business, government agencies, and non-profits that are concerned with providing information to people with disabilities. Our experience in teaching assistive technology provides an insight to web designers so that they can go beyond basic standards to produce accessible webpages that are actually usable by people with disabilities.

No Learning Limits provides the following services:

  • Assistive technology evaluations
  • Individual and group courses in using assistive technology
  • Workshops in curriculum development and assistive technology program development
  • Consultations in the use of assistive technology

The problems in delivering assistive technology

Defining accessibility, usability, and learnability

Our research and experience in delivering assistive technology

Improving literacy with assistive technology

Teaching access to information through computer navigation

How to obtain our services




Image of previous assistive technology class at San Joaquin Delta CollegeA technology class - 2008


Image of one of the reading groups supporting reading fluency, confidence in reading, and reading comprehension.A reading group


Image of poster incouraging reading fluency saying, Reading Fluency Poster