Curriculum and Instructional Tools

The following are presentations and online tools that have been developed to support courses in adaptive/assistive technology. There are two areas of learning to use assistive technology: navigation and understanding information.

  • Stdudent outcomes:
    • The student will confidently be able to navigate the Internet using Internet explorer with an assistive technology.
    • The student will be motivated as an independent learner to develop and utilize computer coping strategies and skills.
  • Reading Cafe
    The Reading Cafe is especially created for students in the reading fluency program of the Disability Support Programs and Services at San Joaquin Delta College. Reading Cafe is a place for the student to independently choose a book to read. This is a place where a student can read about other people's suggestions and comments on books that they have read . The student can also make their own comments and ratings.
  • Reading Group and Reading Group 2
    One of our activities is called the reading group. In this activity,a student has an opportunity to read short selections and then discuss them in a friendly and supportive environment. The reading group is available to all users of screen readers, from beginning to advanced readers.  The purpose is to provide a social setting for people to come together and share the unique experience of reading with a screen reader.  We read and discuss short stories, newspaper and magazine articles and sometimes short novels.  Within this social environment, a student can build confidence in their reading ability and share tips about reading techniques.  They can expand their reading experiences by reading a variety of subjects, authors and literary styles.  The discussions help a student recognize other perspectives about the topics that are read. 

Photo of a proud student.



Photo of a student getting help from a classroom aide during a computer class.