No Learning Limits is a not-for-profit business, started by Janice Walth and Ted Wattenberg.

The purpose of our work:
  • Help people obtain access to information and improve their learning potentials;
  • Help schools, business, government agencies, and non-profits provide meaningful information and services that are accessible to all people.
We provide:
  • Assistive technology evaluations
  • Individual and group courses in using assistive technology
  • Workshops in curriculum development and assistive technology program development
  • Consultations in the use of assistive technology .

About No Learning Limits

  • The problems in delivering assistive technology;
  • Defining accessibility, usability, and learnability;
  • Our research and experience in delivering assistive technology;
  • Improving literacy with assistive technology;
  • Teaching access to information through computer navigation; and
  • How to obtain our services.

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Janice standing with her guide dog, Liza, overlooking Vernal Falls, Yosemite.

Janice and Liza

Ted with daughters, Zoe and Ellen, at Mendocino beach.

Ted with daughters